4/17/2022 - Easter Sunday and Exciting News

Today was Easter. Josh and I went to church, and then had a lovely dinner with his family. Usually, holiday dinners at my in-laws' house is chaotic... However, things seemed to be more organized. Grandpa was also celebrating with us (He is growing out his beard..It looks good on him!) This is the first major holiday without grandma, so I hope he is doing ok... He mentioned that he visited her grave after his church's sunrise service. I'm sure is having a blast up in Heaven.
Some great news... Me and Josh are getting a kitten!! My friend Sara's cousin's cat (mouthful there haha) had kittens recently. My mother-in-law is taking two of them, and one them will be ours!! (Unfortunately, we can't take it right away, because our lease doesn't allow pets... But we are saving up for a house. Hopefully, by next year, we will have a house of our own). In the meantime, we are thinking of names (We also don't know the gender). The kitten looks A LOT like Smokey (my cat who passed away in February).

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