Name: Ashley

DOB: March 12

Gender: Cis-female

Pronouns: she/her

Relationship: Happily married!

Other: INFJ, Pisces-Sun, Pisces-Moon, Scorpio-Rising Sun

Hello, and welcome! I am a late twenty-something year old who has intense nostalgia for the internet I grew up with (mid-to-late 2000's). I am an artist, a wife, an avid DnD player, lover of animals, fan of anime and cartoons, and too emotional for her own good. I am also incredibly sentimental, and will hold onto anything that has the slightest significance in my life. I also wear lolita fashion (since 2019). My style is primarily sweet with hints of classic.

Neopets was the first website I ever joined. Even though the site is far from what it once was in its glory days, I still go on Neopets sometimes (My username is delphadaee, if you want to neofriend me!). My favorite Neopet is the Ixi, and it will forever hold a special place in my heart.